Forum Title: 3/4 or 1/2 pex run
I want to run +/- 100 ft. of pex to tie in to existing 1/2" which then runs another 50 ft to a hose bib. Is there any water pressure advantage to running 3/4" over running 1/2" to the connection to existing pipe?
Category: Plumber Post By: VICKIE MARQUEZ (Oklahoma City, OK), 04/17/2016


- MANUEL WILLIS (Jacksonville, NC), 09/26/2017

Maybe this will explain it a little better. This was copied from a post by electron1 on another site. You hold a water hose in your hand. Turn on the faucet and watch the water coming out of the hose. If you place the palm of your hand over the open end of the hose, you can feel the force of the water hitting the palm of your hand. Pressure = Force ├╖ area You are feeling the force that the water is exerting on a specific area of your skin. As the water collides with your skin, the waterΓÇÖs velocity will decrease to 0 m/s. Your skin exerted a force on the water that caused the water to decelerate. So, pressure measures the force that the water exerts on hole at the open end of the hose. I have an attachment on the hose to decrease the area of the open end of the hose. As I decrease the area, the waterΓÇÖs velocity increases. Velocity measures the distance that the water moves each second. Pressure supplies the force that caused the water to have enough kinetic energy to move that distance each second.

- LENA HIGGINS (Erie, PA), 09/27/2017

There is not a pressure advantage, but a volume advantage, but only if you have other fixtures attached to the branch before the hose bib. If the 3/4 pex comes off of an existing 3/4 pipe and only goes to the hose bib the volume will decrease when it goes to 1/2 but you may have an slight increase in the velocity (speed) of the water. The pressure will remain the same.

- BERNARD OLIVER (Elmhurst, IL), 09/29/2017

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