Forum Title: Acrylic shower base over a slab
I am installing an acrylic shower base over a concrete slab and I am having a problem aligning the drain hole in the base with the pipe coming through the slab. since there is no access from underneath it is a trial and error process. Is there a trick for alignment?
Category: Plumber Post By: APRIL OLIVER (Plano, TX), 11/06/2016

yes... take the unit out of the bathroom...find 2 walls slide the unit into the corner,,,draw a circle where the drain hole is...on the floor move unit out of the way. measure from the wall to the center.of the circle you drew..both drections write the measurements on a sheet of paper...put paper in your pocket. go to the bathroom. find the shower drain pipe, reach in your pocket, take out the paper with the wrote down on it. unfold the paper measure the pipe as it comes out of the floor. look at your the measurement the same? if not,,,,say DAMN!!! then move the pipe have a hole in the concrete. after you move the drain.. put the dirt back the pipe MUST be have NO PLAY after you are done moving pipe you need a bucket...and 50 lb sac of concrete take a STYROFOAM coffee cup,,,place over drain pipe. dump concrete in bucket,, mix with water dump the whole bucket..on the floor under the shower pan set the pan...stand on a little dance... get down...boogie time push the pan down...into the mud...level it. let the crete set up. after it sets up..hook the drain up

- JEFF HARPER (Covington, KY), 10/12/2017

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