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Hi, I have a danco tub faucet and I had a plumber just replace the cartridge with a moen replacement as it was leaking. Now what happens is the metal handle is real loose and does not stay in the hot or cold position. It just falls down to the center. We then replaced it with the plastic knob and when you pull it out to turn the water, the knob starts suckling back into the off position. You have to pull it out a few times in order for it to keep the water running. My plumber never saw this so I am hoping some ran into this issue before and found the answer. Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: EVELYN NGUYEN (Raleigh, NC), 08/03/2016

I see that once in awhile with the Moen plastic 1225B cores. Try another core. Or I pull the core, The outer housing of the core is a clear plastic. You can see the inner shaft. Its copper. There's a flat section in the middle. Push that inner shaft out the back end of the plastic housing. Bend the shaft just a tiny bit. This will give it a little side pressure inside the housing.

- DERRICK PENA (New Rochelle, NY), 09/25/2017

Thank you IFIXH20. the plumber did mention he greased it up good. I will try what you said and post a reply to see if it worked.

- BILL WALSH (Richardson, TX), 10/05/2017

Sounds like the Cartridge has too much lubricant on it which is causing the cartridge to slowly close when turned on. Turn the valve on (hot water only) let it run for 10 - 20 min to see if it will wash some of the lubericant away.

- ISAAC SIMON (Titusville, FL), 10/10/2017

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