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I ran a 1/2 inch pvc line out to my garden for a faucet. I tee'd off an existing line and ran it straight out for a distance of 130 ft. When I got the pipe connected and buried, I turned on the faucet at the garden, and but there's no water. Obviously, there's a blockage somewhere. Is there any way I can locate where the blockage is without having to dig up all 130 ft of the pipe? Any help would be much appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: CARLA LEONARD (Cheyenne, WY), 06/21/2017

I ran the fish tape down the pipe and found a big wad of grass and leaves. Before I buried the pipe, I had left it on the ground for several days. I guess some critter decided to take up residence. It took a while to get it out but now everything's working as it should. Again, thanx for the advice, Mr. Dave.

- GLADYS SIMMONS (Covington, KY), 09/24/2017

Thanx, Dave. I already removed the valve, but there was no dirt there. The fish tape sounds like a good idea. Didn't think of that. Thanx again.

- SUZANNE WELCH (Poway, CA), 09/25/2017

If its a straight shot you can try using an electrical fish tape. You can get them for maybe $15 and up for a 1/4 x 50ft. then you will only have to dig it up in a few places. Take the faucet off and turn on water. Might just be some dirt at the valve.

- BRANDY CROS (Lawton, OK), 10/08/2017

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