Forum Title: Connecting downspout to drain pipe
I have had problems connecting a downspout from my roof to a drain pipe in the ground of my backyard. The former is a squarish (rectangular) shape, the latter a round shape, therefore I obviously need a converter piece. I have found such at Home Depot but it does not appear to be long enough to make the connection, so the top part continues to disconnect from the bottom part and the water leaks out into the ground, and from there into my basement, etc. How would a professional attack this problem, including the need for a longer than the standard adapter/converter? I hope the attached pictures explain the problem more clearly. Look forward to any advice...with my thanks! Izia
Category: Plumber Post By: ARNOLD SCHWARTZ (St. Louis, MO), 01/28/2016

There are numerous ADS adapters on the market at all hardware stores, so you shouldn't have a problem finding one. Even if you look on line for ADS downspout adapter you should find what you need and order it.

- PEARL SCHWARTZ (Green Bay, WI), 09/07/2017

i assume,,,i cant see because of tape. that the sqxrd adapter and the down leader are the same size. and one does not fit into the other? you need to buy sheet metal crimping tool. and crimp the end of the down leader. a coupling, that will fit the plastic pipe. of the storm drain.

- ANA SANDOVAL (Castle Rock, CO), 09/22/2017

LOOK at the picture above ^ The piece you have sticking down inside the ground line can be stretched to make it longer. Secure them together with some tex screws , better yet stainless steel screws.

- ROBERTA GUERRERO (Medford, OR), 10/12/2017

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