Just did a major renovation to my home and plumbing contractor talked me into consolidating two existing hot water tanks into 1 new fancy one. I expressed concerns about how far physically it would be from the kitchen and he told me it would not be an issue. Renovation is complete (plumber was WAY over budget) and we are now waiting 56 seconds for the first trace of warm water at the kitchen sink. It is hot by 60 seconds. Plumber tells me this is normal. Is there a code for this? How far is too far? I'm feeling ripped off here but don't have much ammunition. Any advice is appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: MARION PENA (Sacramento, CA), 07/10/2017

My kitchen is on the opposite side of my house from the WH as well. I was curious this morning after reading your post as to how long it takes for my kitchen water to get warm. I ran it for 2 mins . My water heater was cold. Pilot went out. ODD. Well I relit it! Would of sucked if I discovered that when I went to take a shower later. Grundfos makes a system that does not require a 3rd designated return line to recirculate the hot water. you add a pump to the hot side of the water heater and a connect a small block valve under your kitchen sink.Grundfos Comfort System

- MILDRED COOK (Lake Forest, CA), 09/04/2017

I don't know if it is distance. My hot water heater is less than 50 feet away from my kitchen sink and bathroom sinks but it takes 1 to 2 minutes for the water to start running hot. I think the bathtub is within 5 feet of the hot water and it takes that long to heat. Maybe it is the type of heater? I really have no idea. I hope one of the experts can weigh in.

- MAE HARMON (Biloxi, MS), 09/05/2017

56 seconds. really? what do you think is a reasonable amount oF time? look,,I dont know the layout of your house, but any one knows the farther the water heater is from the source the longer it will take to get hot water to sink. if you house was plumbed for 2 water heaters, it should have been left that way OR a circulation system installed but 56 seconds? really? is 56 seconds that long? all it takes is money..with a undercounter circ pump you can cut it down to almost 0 seconds

- Matthew Russo (Norwalk, CA), 10/11/2017

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