Forum Title: Possible Leaking Water Main??
I'd like to get your guy's opinions on this. My wife and I will be renting a new home in July and we just signed the lease the other day. On Sunday, I saw the house for the first time and it's awesome I noticed though in the driveway some water puddled up with some growth around it. I looked the house up on Google Maps and see pretty much the same thing. You can see in the photo below. It says that image was from June 2013. If I scroll on the map past the other houses on the road, I don't see any standing water anywhere else. It could be a low spot where rain collects, but I'm wondering if it's a leaking main...It seems as if it's coming through the seam in the concrete at there's always water there since there is growth around it. What do you guys think? Does anyone know if city water distribution maps are available to the public online? I'd like to see if any lines are running through this area.
Category: Plumber Post By: BARBARA ROWN (Kansas City, MO), 04/23/2016

heck man,,,knock on the current tenants door.make a friend. ask the guy about his water bill, ask if he will give you copies of his water bill. redacted personal info of course, USUALLY..when you find your will be a straight line to the house

- MARC CRAIG (Missouri City, TX), 09/06/2017

Not sure where the water meter is yet.... I've only seen the house once and with my trained eye, I was suspicious lol. Once we move in, I'll be able to investigate more. That does sound right about the main though. I'd assume it should run through the street and branch to the houses. I did notice on the Goodgle map image that there is a cap to the left of the house opposite the driveway. Maybe that is the meter. Like I said, I'll know for sure once we move in. Can't be a creeper investigating while the current tenants are home!

- SHERRI GARNER (Richmond, CA), 09/11/2017

Where's your water meter? shut it off and see if it stops. Could be an irrigation line and only leaks when sprinklers are on. City water mains don't normally run through private property unless there is a designated easement. A pressurized leak will not be intermittent.

- MAURICE KELLER (DeKalb, IL), 10/05/2017

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