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Hello, I have a drip from the hot water side of a 2-handle Price Pfister Bathroom faucet. I purchased a new stem/cartridge (I dont know the difference, sorry) from Lowes. When removing the cartridge I think it broke while I was pulling it out. If I put it back together it is still functional (with the drip), however I can't get the part stuck in the faucet out so I can replace it. I just want to stop the drip (CA doesn't have the water to waste! haha). I have attached a photo to show what is stuck inside and what I pulled out. How to I get that piece out? I tried using needle nose pliers, but the plastic seems brittle and I don't think it will take much to break it. Another forum suggested turning on the water with the valve open and using the water pressure to pop it out, that did not work. Note about the pic: I know there is a washer/o-ring kit in the pic, I have since gotten the whole stem/cartridge since the current one is broken.
Category: Plumber Post By: KENNETH MARTIN (Mesa, AZ), 02/07/2017

just pull it out with a pair of needle nose pliers. Look for price pfister stems ceramic. I think either one of these will work. One has a plastic bonnet( red for hot and blue for cold) and the other has brass. They are ceramic stems. No washers to replace. Just pull all the pieces out.

- BRETT RHODES (Maricopa, AZ), 08/31/2017

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