Forum Title: Water running into the bowl - not a normal cistern?
Hi there guys, I've had an issue with my toilet which I've been trying my best to figure out, but I don't have a whole lot of experience with plumbing. The toilet is running quite a lot into the pan, so I've turned off the water. I've checked out a lot of tutorials online, but my cistern doesn't seem to match any of the pictures/videos I've seen. I've attached some pictures. If anyone might be able to suggest some things I could try, it'd be much appreciated. This is my last hope to DIY before I just bite the bullet and pay someone, it's just that I'm saving for a wedding so would rather save the cash if I can. Thanks very much! - Will
Category: Plumber Post By: ALICE PARKER (Arlington, TX), 04/17/2016

Call NASA. They been looking for some missing parts similar to those. All that just to flush toilet

- RAFAEL SHELTON (Wichita Falls, TX), 09/13/2017

Your fill valve seal and/or flush valve is probably bad or need cleaning. Do a search on Geberit Fill valve, Geberit flush valve, or Geberit dual flush valve. Hope this help. Don't find many of those stateside.

- THELMA GREENE (Bountiful, UT), 09/14/2017

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